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Česká Lípa

    The present town Česká Lípa came into being around water-castle in the 12th and 13th centurie. At the time the town made the best of his positron in the north of Bohemia on a crossing of important trade roads. At the beginning of the 17th century Albrecht z Valdštejna founded a monastery - today a very interesting museum is here.In Česká Lípa had been founded first manufactures and a large industrial production.

    Out town has been arounded by a barier of cncrete suburbs unpleasant to look at. Many interesting buildings have been demolished.

    I was born in Česká Lípa and I live with my parents there now. Here I have lived for 19 years. I live in the block of flats on the 2th floor. I am very happy, because I have a lot of friends here too. They live near, co ve can often visit.

    Česká Lípa is placed in the north Bohemia. Near is Zahrádky, New Bor and Doksy. The populations is about 40.000.

    Česká Lípa has lots of churches, factories where lots of people work. ( Packard, Ferer, Varta)

    These factories are on the periphery of town.

    There are parks, shops and places for small babbies. In my town we have cinemas, bowling, new tenis hall and sport centrum. We have two swimming pools too, but we haven´t any bathing pool, so that we must go by car or train or by bus. In summer I will go with my friend to Doksy. There is the Máchovo lake. And at night we often go there to disco. It is called Bílý kámen. I like this club because htere´s played modern music, there are hansome boys and good atmosfere.

    In Česká Lípa are discos too. It is fain because I like dancing at the disco with my friends. I like chating in the bar. Bars are here too.

    Sometimes I go mushrooming with my parent in summer because we have woods too. In the centrum we have beautiful square.

    There are many interestingold houses and historicial buildings round the T.G.Masaryk-square in the historical centre of the town, plague column(morový sloup??), public fountain, town hall and bars and restaurants.

    The Red House is a beautiful example of renaissance.

    Very imposing buildings of the baroque is monastery and St. Mary´s church.

    The small St. Magdalena´s church and St.Cross chapel was built in Gothic style.

    There are many other valuable and stylish houses in the town.

    We have departement store in the centre. In periprehy of town is Hypernova, Kaufland. I tis good for big shopping.


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