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Clothes and fashion

    People have different opinion to fashion.

    On special occasions we like to be dressed properly too. When we go to a concert or to the theatre we prefer to be dressed up. We wear an evening dress, which consists of a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie or a bow-tie. For sports we put on sports wear, sucha s jeans, shorts, T-shirts and to the mountain a waterproof jacket or anorak and sports shoes (trainers, heavy boots or skishoes). At home we like to feel comfortable, and so we prefer leisure wear - slacks, jeans, T shirts and on our feet slippers. To school we wear something practical and plain. The most favorite wear of teenagers includes jeans or pants, shirts and T-shirts of different colors, sweatshirts or pullovers and trainers. For workshop or cleaning jobs we must put on an apron, overall or overalls.

    In summer we wear light summer dresses, t-shirt with short sleeves or without sleeves, shorts or Bermuda shorts and on our feet we pull on sandals, slippers or sneakers. When we go swimming we put on a swim suit (bikini, one-piece or two-piece) or trunks, sometimes a straw hat. In winter we need to wear something warm- suits, pants, jeans, woollies, cardigans, sweaters, anoraks, winter coats and jackets, sometimes even gloves and mittens, caps, hoods, hats, scarfs and boots of course.

    Fashion is thing which influence nearly all world. Many people live only for fashion. Me not. I like fashion, but I think it isn't too important for life. It's true that I sometimes find nice garments in magazines and I wish buy this one. Fashion is important for behaviour with some people. When you need give job or when you work and need self-goods and services, when you announce to universities and colleges. Saying "dress make man" is truly.

    My attitude to fashion is different. I like more styles. For example hippies style - its very pleasant and comfortable style. Usually I use this style for a walk, sometimes at school, but the most for trips with my boyfriend. We like travel through the Czech Republic. We are wearing trousers in hippie style, poncho, sandals, heavy shoes or sports shoes, scarf on head, beads on neck and hands, symbol of peace. All garments are in natural colours. I think we look friendly in this dress, because many drivers take us with them, when we haven't got money. Hippie style is my favourite style.

    Sometimes I use elegant fashion. For example: when I go to disco, to theatre, to dinner with my parents. I am dressed in whitish top with straps, in red trousers and black medium-heeled shoes to disco.

    When I go to theatre I have black dress, tights and black high-heeled shoes on.

    I am wearing blue blouse, dark blue skirt and black medium-heeled shoes to dinner with my parents.

    My favourite colours are all natural colours like dark brown, light brown, khaki, beige, creamy, grey, maroon, black. I don't like pink, garish red, garish yellow, garish green and all pastel colours. I'm wearing flowered and plain patterns.

    My favourite dress materials are denim, corduroy, and leather. In summer it is transparent and flimsy material.

    And what about make-up and hairstyle? Sometimes I use make-up. I use blue, brown and purple eyes shadow, also mascara, not garish lipstick. Powder and rouge isn't in my cosmetic bag. I have scent by Gabriela Sabastini, it's very pleasant and sweet scent, but my favourite scent is lavender. In my cosmetic bag mustn't miss deodorant. My hairstyle is simple; I like long hair without colouring and perm. I like naturally hair. Maybe if I am an older woman, I'll colour my hair to like younger.

    I am wearing silver jewellery: rings, earrings, bracelets and chains with pendants and semi precious stones. I love stones and I collect ones. In my collection are jewellery with semi precious stones and alone stones like crystal.

    Next accessories, which I use, are sunglasses, lots of pendants of leather, wood; scarf, belt of leather, belt with shells and beads bought to India Market. This market was in Česká Lípa, but it isn't here yet, unfortunately. I bought the likes my garments there. Similar shops are in Prague and in other towns, but prices are higher. I like also in other shop. Department stores have nice garments too. For example: Flora in Prague. I bought nice T-shirt in Orsay shop. Next favourite shop is Teranova. I don't like trademark like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebook and many others sports wear. It isn't my style. Only at home I am dressed in tracksuit and slippers.

    My wardrobe contains: Underwear - white and black socks, bra, pants and knickers in all colours, stockings, and tights. Up wear - T-shirts, sweatshirts, long skirts, some dresses, some jeans, trousers, blouses, shorts, jumpers, sweaters, coat, jacket. Shoes - sandals, two leather heavy shoes, high-heel shoe, medium-heel shoe, slippers. Others - scarf, bikini.


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