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The Czech Republic

    Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe. It is said that it lies in the heart of Europe.

    The Czech Republic is an inland country. With its area of 78 864 km2 it is located in the temperate climatic zone.

    Our republic has four neighbours. In the north it borders on Poland and in the south on Austria. The shortest border is with Slovakia in the east and the longest with Germany in the west.

    The Czech republic has a population of about 10,3 million. Some live in Bohemia, others in Moravia and some in Silesia. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

    Mountain ranges for your country´s natural borders. The surface of our country is rather hilly. The highest mountains in the Czech Republic are the Giant Mountains.

    The Czech Republic does not have any seacoast, but it has many navigable rivers. For example Elbe, Morava, Oder.

    The Czech Republic has a large number of spas. Spa services have a long tradition. The most famous are Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Jánské Lázně. Other important spas can be found in Moravia - Luhačovice and Velké Osiny.

    Our country is rich in minerales. Black and brown coal, lignite.

    On January 1st, 1993, the former Czechoslovakia split into two countries - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Both countries adopted new constitutions.

    The head of state of fhe Czech Republic is the President. He is elected for a five-year term. Real power is wielded mostly by parlament and the government. The state flag consists of two horizontal stripes (white on the toop, red on the bottom) and a blue wedge.

    The Czech crown is the currency in the Czech Republic.

    There are many spots of great natural beauty in the Czech Republic, as well as areas totally spoiled by industries (e.g. the Most area). South Bohemia is particularly rich in ponds. The most beautiful natural places are the Czech Paradise, "rock town" in Prachov rocks, the Děčín walls, Czech Switzerland, the Boubín virgin forests, Macocha abyss and so on.

    The climate is typically continental with hot summers and cold winters. Temperature hardly ever rises above thirty degrees Celsius and rarely falls under twenty below zero.

    The Czech Republic is one of the most heavily forested countries in Europe. Around one-third of the total area of the country is forested, mostly by coniferous trees. Unfortunately, these trees are sensitive to acid rain.

    The Czechs have a rich cultural heritage and have much to offer in the spheres of music, literature, the fine arts, theatre, film and television. Czech books, Bohemian glass and works by leading painters, sculptors, and photographers can be seen from time to time at exhibitions held abroad.

The Czech flag and anthem

    The state flag is consists of two horizontal stripes (white on the top and red in the bottom) and a blue wedge. The state anthem is the song Where is my home by František Škroup.


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