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Food and meals, Czech and Other Nations´ Cuisine

1. Compare different attitudes to food and eating: (srovnat postoje)

    For many people in our country food, eating and cooking is a downright pleasure. There are some people who eat once a day, others are figure-conscious and try to fast, cut down on some fat and sugar.

    For many others cooking and eating is a nuisance (otrava) and do not care about meals. Many people in our county eat meat, vegetables and fruit. They drink Tea, Coffee and most people drink Bier and Wine. A lot of people eat fat food and sugar too. Then they have to go on Diet. Most people do not like cooking, because they are many restaurants.

2.Why is our food considered to be unhealthy?

    Our food can be unhealthy because Czechs use to eating many floury, sweet and fatty meals, such as dumplings, pastry, fat pork and sausages. Our food should consist of more vegetables, lean (libového) meat, poultry (drůbeží) and fish that would supply (dodávají) our bodies vitamins and minerals.

3.How does breakfast in our country differ from the British breakfast?

    For breakfast in our country we usually have bread or cool and butter, cheese, marmalade, jam or honey and for drink milk, tee, cocoa or coffee. A macrobiotic breakfast isn't to expand it. In England people have breakfast bowl of cereal, toast and marmalade and they like have for breakfast fruit and for drink coffee or tee.

4.What do elevenses and brunch mean?

    In the middle of the morning British men have elevenses, which is usually not more than a cup of coffee and biscuits. Sometimes, often at weekend, when they get up letter, they have brunch - combination meal that is eaten for breakfast and lunch.

5.What does the Czech and British midday meal look like?

    The midday meal is generally called lunch. In our country we have lunch about 12 o'clock. The lunch is for as head meal. We usually have soup, the main course and a dessert.

6.What does traditional English tea consist of?

    The traditional tea consists of thin slices of white or brown bread and butter with cheese fish or ham. Perhaps some vegetables and jam, cakes, fruit, pies, biscuits and tea or coffe. The tea and coffee in England are drunk with milk.

7.When and where is high tea served?

    The high tea is served between five and six o'clock in the North of England and Scotland.

8.Compare the British and Czech evening meal

    The British have a dinner about 19 o'clock. They usually eat hot meals. Dinner may have three or four courses. It starts with soup. Then there is a main course (meat and fish with vegetables) then the dinner continue with desert and finish with cheese and biscuits.

    In our country have an evening meal about 18 o'clock. We usually have cold or hot dinner. The meal isn't so nutritious, because we have a hot meal at midday.


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