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Describe the eating habits in your family

1.What you prefer to eat? How often you eat?

    I prefer fruit and vegetables, because there are a lot of vitamins and minerals. I usually eat in the morning, at the school and in afternoon.

2.What is your favourite meal? Can you prepare any meal? Say you recipe:

    My favourite desert: "Cottage cheese desert with mandarins and peaches"


1 tin mandarin500 ml milk
1 tin peaches400 g spoon fingers
1 pkt cottage cheese1 pkt jelly powder
1 pkt sourcream4 - 5 tbsp sugar


    Mix cottage cheese, milk, sourcream and jelly powder, add sugar and stir these ingredients. Than make layers: place same spone fingers, than same mandarins and peaches to bowl with flat bottom or to pat. Than pour white mixture from cottage cheese and sourcream. On this way make same layers to use up all ingredients. Than set desert to fridge and allow to cool. You can decorate desert with mandarins. If you like others fruits, for example strawberries, use it.

3. Which spices may you add to flavour your meal?

    We may add meal with paper, curry, garlic, chilli, zazziky, dill (kopr), cinnamon (skořice), parsley. (petržel), salt.

4. What does the term "fast food" mean?

    Fast food means food, which we can buy on street. It is food, which we eat by hand. When we are hungry out on street, we often eat fast food. Fast food is unhealthy and fat.

5. Do you know any fast food places? What do they serve there?

    Yes, I do. I know same fast food places. For example, there are some fast foods near the department store Andy in the centre of Česká Lípa. They usually serve hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. The most people known fast foods are McDonald and KFC in the Czech Republic. They serve o lots of kind burgers, for example hamburger, cheeseburger, fish burger, and chicken burger. They serve also vegetable salads and some sweets like ice-cream and doughnuts.


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