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    Today era bring us many problems. Housing is one of that. Thanks our government young people, who want to have family, can't live. I think, this situation is very horrible.

    There is problem of style of living. If we visit some bigger town in Czech republic, we will see typical estate of block of flats. These estate bring us many problems. I live in this type of house and so I know, what is it that so much people live together.

    I think, ideal are houses with maximal 3 stairs. For this houses is typical family atmosphere. My friend live in this house and he agree with me.

    We have problems with parks and green. Many people have dog or cat so green is covered by theirs waste and small children plays there games. It is very unhealthy. There is problem of playgrounds too.

    This problem is connected with criminality. Children can't make sport, because there isn't place for theirs activity. So, they make group and they wander around.

    The most people in the Czech Republic live in blocks of flat, I think about 74%. This people mainly live in towns. Rich people usually live in new houses in towns, sometimes in village. Other people usually live in old or new houses in country or in towns.

    In the Czech Republic are problems with living, because people was using that they get flat from state. It was communist's idea and some people can't get used to have to spend money for their own living. Our state economy also isn't to good, so people haven't got to much money.

My flat

    Now I would like to speak about my flat. I live with my parents and my sister in block of flaks, exactly on the second floor.

    In my flat there are 3 rooms I mean Livingroom, studentsroom, bedroom, than There are kitchen, bathroom, and toilete. I would like to describe my studentsroom. I share my room with my sister. Walls in my room are lime with white ceiling. On the walls are hanged my pictures, for example picture of Statue of Liberty, Tower bridge and Eifel Tower. On the floor we have yelow carpet. Forniture is made of spruce wood. There is big window with white curtains, opposite of window is my bed and under there is my sister's bed. Between beds we have table with PC, lamp and printer. Opposite of table there is bookcase. Next bookcase there is wardrobe.

My dream house

    I would like to live in a bigger house in England near seecoast. The house would have 2 floors and a lot of windows. Walls would be blue and windows white. In front of house trere would be big garden with bubbler (fontána), trees, roses, narcissus and butterflyes. Paling (plot) would be white too. Walls in a house will be in pastel colours, I mean pale pink, pale blue, pale yealow ane so on. Lights in the house will be made of glass. Beautiful courtains will be hanged on the windows. Forniture will be white and covered with silver foil. On the walls will be hanged mirrors and impresionistic pictures. All house will be full of sun rais.

    When I am going to get married I'd like to have small or bigger house with smaller garden. I want to have there bigger place for my dogs and some place where will play my children. My biggest dream is to very have happy family and health children. I want to have two children one girl and one boy.


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