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National holidays, christmas and easter

    I like celebrations very much, because the family is together. And its important for me. I like all holidays.

    The most popular holidays is Christmas in the Czech republic.

    We celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December in honour of the birth of Jesus. We start to prepare for Christmas 4 weeks efore Christmas Eve. This period of time is called ADVENT.

    We buy advent wreath with four candles and we have it on the table, which is decorated.

    When I was a little girl, my patente bought ADVENT CALENDAR with chocolate in each window.

    For my parents was beautiful, when they saw my happy eye when I opened presents under the Christmas tree.

    Every zdar I clean with my mother the whole flat. We prepare decorations too.

    Every zdar our family decorate the christmas tree. We have artificial tree but very beautiful. We have only two colors of decorate - silver and blue.

    Christmas dinner starts at 6:00 pm. We usually have deep fried carp with potato salad.

    In December we celebrate NEW YEAR´S EVE. I have a birthday on the 31th of December, so I love it. At midnight we drind champagne. We continue celebrating until the morning.

    In early SPRING we celebrate EASTER. On Easter Monday we paint eggs and bake lamb. My friends go from house to house and carol. The eggs are symbol sof new life and spring.

    I sour family, we celebrate birthdays, name days, weddings and anniversaries.

    We have church and profane feasts. Church feasts are Christmas and Easter. Besides this traditional holidays the Czech calendar includes holidays of relatively recent origin and anniversaries of important historical events.

The 1st of January

    The Presidents New Year's Day Address and the foundation of the Czech Republic.

May Day

    The international worker's festival. It is a memory of the victims of the Haymarket Riots, a workers demonstration in Chicago.

The 8th of May

    Another legal holiday, commemorates the end of World War II in Europe and the liberation of Czechoslovakia; fall of fascism.

July 5

    Feast day of Saints Cyril and Methodius. In 863 two Greek brothers came from the Byzantine Empire to spread Christianity in Great Moravia (and make the country independent of the German bishops). The "Apostles of the Slavs" invented the Slavonic alphabet and used the Slavonic language at church services.

July 6

    Jan Hus, a well-known preacher at the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague and professor at the Prague University, wanted to reform the Church, especially improve the morals of the clergy. His teaching came into conflict with the Roman Church. He was condemned as heretic and on July 6, 1415 burned.

The 28th of September

    In 929 or 935 St. Wenceslas were assassinated by his brother. St. Wenceslas is a symbol of Czech statesmanship.

The 28th of October

    Is the day when in 1918 Czechoslovakia came into existence as an independent state, after 300 years of subjugation by the Habsburg dynasty.

    28th of October in 1939 a medical student, Jan Opletal, was fatally injured.

    1945, Dr. Beneš signed nationalise letters.

    1968, Czechoslovakia became a federation of two equal republics.

The 17th of November

    It is a Student's Day; students of Universities struggled against the nazism, the Nazis closed all the universities in the country and sent thousands of students to concentration camps. Several student leaders were executed and universities were not reopened until after the end of the war.

    17th of November, 1989 - it was the beginning of the Velvet Revolution; fall of communism.

New Year's Eve

    31st of December - it is not a national holiday but people celebrate the beginning of the new year with friends or at home with family.

    Each years ends on December 31st. this day we celebrated New Year's Day Eve, which means the end of the old and the beginning of the new Year. The 1 January we call New Year's Day. During the night between these days is full of celebrations. Laughter resounds everywhere; people dance, tell jokes and stories, eat and drink. We celebrated the arrival of New Year with family at home or friends in some restaurant, discos, or we some people go out celebrating to the mountains.

    As midnight approaches everybody stands up with a glass of champagne in hand waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Most of us make New Year's resolutions, which, unfortunately, are often not kept. We wish one anther all the best in the New Year, health, happiness, love and a lot of success.


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