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    Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Eve (December 24th). The third Sunday before Christmas is called Bronze Sunday, the second one Silver Sunday and the first Sunday before December 24th is Golden Sunday.

    Christmas Day combines the Christian celebration of birth of Christ with traditional festivities of winter.

    Most families decorate their houses with coloured paper, mistletoe, lights. Every family has a Christmas tree (fir or pine), which is decorated with coloured lights, ornaments and star at the top. Christmas trees are also placed in town squares.

    Maybe two weeks before Christmas mothers bake sweets. The most important tradition connected with Christmas is the giving of presents. People sing carols at Christmas and send Christmas cards.

    Christmas in our family: when I get up I decorate a Christmas tree and I watch fairy tales. Then I help my mother to prepare a dinner. We have a dinner at seven o'clock - it is carp soap, potato salad with carp. After dinner we go to Christmas tree and we unwrap the presents.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

    I tidy the house - I clean the windows, wash glassware and porcelain, vacuum clean carpet, polish furniture, clean the shoes, put the wardrobes and drawers in order.

    Than I do Christmas shopping like meal and presents. I buy Christmas paper and ribbons and i wrap the presents. I write and send Christmas cards, decorate the Christmas tree and house. I must bake sweets, fry carp and made potatoes salad.

    Christmas is said to be a holiday of calm and peace. Every year we look forward to Christmas. Christmas is one of those holidays that most people look forward to. Christmas is celebrated in other countries as well, with each nation keeping its own customs and folk traditions.

    Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Eva. During this time we prepare for the long-awaited winter holidays. Homes are filled with the aroma of freshly baked Christmas sweets. In some kitchens grey smoke pours out of the oven, meaning that the sweets are burnt. Typical Christmas sweets include vanilla rolls, ginger bread and sweets with nuts, almonds, coconut, raisins and chocolate and of course Christmas cake.

    If begins Christmas so in the towns are Christmas market. There more people buy present, which give on Christmas Eve. Most people go on the market on Saturdays and Sundays. The third Sunday before Christmas is called Bronze Sunday, the second is called Silver Sunday and the first before 24. December is called Golden Sunday.

    On December 5th we celebrated St. Nicholas's day. Many children look forward to this day, because the children who had been good so they get bag or stocking filled of sweets and fruits. And the naughty children get some potatoes and cold.

    The last week before Christmas, at the height of the Christmas shopping, the scent of freshly cut Christmas trees appears on city streets. We can choose from a pine, spruce or fir. The price depends on the height and type of tree. A lot of family decorated Christmas tree in the morning. Part of the Christmas holidays is a typical meal. For Christmas Eve dinner some people eat fish soup, but a lot of people eat fried carp with potato salad and wine sausage or chicken cutlet, sweets and fruit. After dinner we go to the tree and unwrap the presents, while Christmas carols are sung.


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