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    Easter is a religious holiday. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We celebrate Easter on Sunday and Monday after the first spring full moon. On Monday in the morning boys go around with a rod woven out of willow branches to spank the girls. They are rewarded with coloured eggs or ribbons.

    On our Easter dayboys beat gels and women with thinks called "pomláska". It's think made of willow wickers, it look like plait. Girls are beaten on their back part of body, and than give coloured and decorated eggs to boys. Sometimes boys get also sweets or money from grand mums. When boy comes to beat girl after 12 a.m., girl pours over him water and she doesn't give eggs to him.

    Our Easter day is different from the British and American ones. They don't know beating of girls. They save Easter eggs and sweets on grass, under trees, on yard near their houses. Children look for and find these eggs there.


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