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United States

    They are no national holidays in the USA since each state has the right to decide about its own holidays.

The President's Day

    3rd Monday in February - on this day all presidents of the USA are honoured.

Independence Day

    July 4 - this day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, thus establishing the USA.

Columbus Day

    October 12 - it is the anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492.


    October 31 - children celebrate it by dressing up in Halloween costumes with masks over their faces. Carrying baskets or bags they go to their friends and neighbours houses and they knock at the door or ring the bell. When people come to the door, children say "Trick or treat" which means "Give us a treat of we will play a trick on you". The people treat the children with sweets, fruit or money. The most common trick is soaping the windows of houses and cars. A favourite custom is to make a jack-o´-lantern from a pumpkin which is scraped out and in which eyes, a nose and a mouth are cut and then a candle is lit inside. The houses and the rooms are also decorated with paper moons, witches and ghosts.


    4th Saturday in November - national holiday in the USA and Canada; first celebrated in 1621 by the Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth Colony on their first harvest. Now it is an occasion for the whole family to be together. It is celebrated by a traditional dinner whose main course is roast turkey.


    Is not national holiday in the USA but since most Americans are Christians, people have a rest day on Christmas Day. Americans celebrate Christmas on December 25th, and the celebration lasts all day. It is Santa Claus that brings the gifts, and the night before Christmas Day, before the children go to bed, they put out cookies and milk for Santa because he gets hungry on his journey. Santa Claus lives on the North Pole and brings presents in a magic sleigh, drawn by flying reindeer.

    Christmas Day starts with the children getting up very early because they are excited to see what Santa Claus has brought them. Then, when everyone gets up, the family unwraps the larger gifts.

    Later on in day, guests arrive for Christmas dinner. It is usually ham or turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. Dessert for Christmas dinner is usually cakes, such as a fruit cake.


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