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Shops and shopping

    People can't live without shops in this time. There are all things and goods, which we need. People feel different needs, but all ones must go shopping. We use a lot of goods and services.

Kinds of shops

    At Butcher we can buy - sausages, ham, pair, salami; chicken, pork, turkey, fish and beef meat

    At Baker we can buy - rolls, white and brown bread, cake, doughnut, sweet and salt pastry

    At Chemist we can buy - aspirin, plaster, tooth-brush, tooth-paste, shower gels for sensitive skin, tablets again pains, flu and diarrhoea, herb teas

    At Toy shop we can buy - dolls, balls, car models, train model, Barbie, artificial animals, children kitchen, masks, primeval (praimůvl) animals

    At Newsagent we can buy - news, magazines, sometimes postcards

    At Bookshop we can buy - novels, stories, romantic books, school books, encyclopaedias, atlases, vocabularies, historic books, quotation books, erotic books.

    At post office we van buy - stamps, postcards, envelopes

    At Gift shop we can buy - souvenirs like T-shirts, battle of alcohol, jewellery, symbol of the state

    At Hairdresser we can - colouring hair, cutting hair

    At Stationery we can buy - paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, decorated paper and ribbons

    At Supermarket we can buy all goods - meal, presents goods, cosmetics, fruits, vegetable, drinks

    Shops aren't only services for men but jobs for lots of people too.

    There are a lots of shops near my residence, for example supermarkets like Hypo nova, Lidl, Penny market, Kaufland; department stores like Andy and Banco.

    Andy has ground floor and 2 floors. On the ground floor is supermarket; I go often shopping there, because we live near this one.

    On the forst floor are bookshop, photos, cosmetics, electrical goods, florists, gift shop, and Euro shop - there are very cheap goods, mainly presents.

    On the second floor there are ladies wear boutique, jewellery, footwear, underwear.

    Once I was in Flora in Prague. It's very big department store. On the third floor there are a lots of kind of fast food. Flora is amazes build; there are all goods, which you want.

    In this time we can pay by cash or credit cards. In other countries many people pay by cheque.

    My mother and me like go shopping, Mum often buys dress for me and for my sister. I like buying presents for my parents, relatives and for my boyfriend. In summers I have job and save money I use for presents, mainly on Christmas. Lots of people don't believe me that Christmas presents are bought one or two months Christmas ago. My fancy hasn't boundaries, only money sometimes missing. If I haven't money I devise something witty.

    I like go shopping, go on town and see to shop-window.

    I usually give flowers and box of chocolate to my mother on her birthday, I often buy shower gels and bath salts too, she like them.

1. How can you pay at cashier?

    I can pay by cash or credit card at cashier. In other countries people pay by cheque.

2. What currencies are used in our state and aboard?

    Czech Crones are used in the Czech Republic. In aboard like Germany, Spain, Austria or Italy we pay by Euro. In England people pay with Pounds. When you go to USA, you must have American Dollars.

3. How can you get money?

    I can get money in job. I usually work as a shop assistant. Sometimes I get money from my parents.

4. What are the typical Czech shopping habits?

    Czech like buying cheap and goods thinks. They wait for deductions. But goods is to cheap, Czechs don't believe it. Czechs don't like TV shopping programs. They usually buy goods, which they can see at own eyes. Czechs don't must have brans goods, mainly it is cheap.

5. What are the shopping possibilities in our town?

    There are o lots of shops in our town. We have a lot of shopping possibilities. We have supermarkets, such as Hypernova, Penny, Kaufland. There is two department stores, Andy and Banco, in the centre of Česká Lípa. We can buy all goods in Česká Lípa. We can buy eat, flowers, toys, clothes, shoes, presents etc. On Jindřichá z Lipé Street we can find mainly clothes shops, often-Asian shops. There are lots of blocks of flats and there are some small shops too.

6. Which goods could a foreigner visiting our country buy as a souvenir?

    Foreigners can buy a lot of goods as souvenir in the Czech Republic. They can buy porcelain, Czech glass; we have very interesting and lovely glass. Lovers of alcohol can buy bottle made from plums called slivovice. And lover of anything nice can buy pictures of Prague and other lovely Czech towns.


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