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Sport and games

1. Why is sport a good way to relaxation?

    Sports help to keep physically and mentally health. If you work by head, sport is very important for your relaxation and health. You can meet a lot of new people during sports events.

2. Can you name any indoor and outdoor sports and games?

    Indoor sports are for example: gymnastic, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, judo, body building.

    Outdoors sports are for example: skiing, cycling, sprints, running, jogging, hurdling, high and long jump, pole vault, javelin, discus throw.

    Aquatic sports: yacht, swimming, water polo, canoeing, windsurfing, platform diving.

3. What sports events can be practiced in?

    Summer sports: swimming, running, jogging, rowing, hurdle race, cycling, riding horse, long jump, canoeing, motor racing, windsurfing, tennis, football, golf, volley-ball.

    Winter sports: ice-hockey, cross-country, skiing, speed skating, figure skating, bobsledding.

    All the year round sports: running, riding horse, football.

4. What sports and games are popular in Great Britain?

    The British are great lovers of competitive (soutěživých) sports like football. Rugby football is very popular in Britain. In this game the ball is oval. While golf is Scottish origin, cricket is national game of England. Also riding horse is popular. The best-known steeplechase race is the Great National. Tennis seasons start in London in early June. For relaxation is also squash played.

5. What sports and games are popular with the Americans?

    The four foremost (nejvýznamější) professional games there are American football, basketball, baseball and ice-hockey. American football differs from European mainly in the shape of the ball. It is oval. Players carry ball by hands to field goals. Others sport such as the former (bávalý) Indian game lacrosse or field hockey are also popular.

6. What sports and games do people in our country enjoy?

    People in our country enjoy sports like: ball games - football, volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis. Ice-hockey is played at a very high level here. Our country has a lot of very good sportsmen in tennis, volleyball and other sports.

7. What sports facilities can you describes?

    Summer and winter stadiums, football field, volleyball courts, handball playground, fitness centres, swimming pool, ice-rink, golf race course, bowling centre, ski jump, sauna, ski. tow (vlek).

8. What do you know about Olympic games?

    The Olympics arose in ancient (starověkém) Greece. At that time put emphasis (kladl důraz) on ideal of an all-round (celého rozvoje) person. Pierre de Coubertin renewed the Olympics about 100 years ago. Today the Olympics do every 4 years. Since 1924 are 2 parts to the games - the winter part and the summer part - which alternate once 2 years.

9. Describe your attitude to sport and sports facilities in your hometown.

    Sports and games not always played an important role in my life. When I was a child so I haven't kept any sport. Bur when I went to Primary school so I was playing Floor ball. Now I like swimming and hiking, walking, tourism. I like to go to trips in the Czech Republic and aboard. Sometimes I play badminton, sometimes computer games I like summer and winter sports. In summer I play badminton with my mother and grandfather and I like climbing Mountains. In winter I like skiing, ice-skating and Bobsledding.


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