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  Travelling is very popular in 20th century. At present we have many more various means of travelling and transportation then our grandparents had. New technologies allow us to travell more comfortable and faster.

  Why do people travel? There are many answers and reasons.

  For many of us is travelling a hobby. People want to see new places, interesting people, the most beautiful buildings in the world.

  Many people like visiting castles, chateaux, palaces, fortresses, ruins, rotundas, churches, cathedrals, temples.

  We can eat unusual food, we can see many different culture of life. We can meet new people or friends.

  But some people travel on bussines reasons

                                            political reasons

                                            culture reasons




  We can travel in many way, for example we can travel by cas, bus, plane, ship, motorbike and so on.


  We can travel by car. Almost every family owns a car today. It is comfortable.

  Another popular kind of transportation the bus. Some buses even offer travellrs food and drinks.


  The most attractive option is usually to travel by plane. To travel by plane. Is rapide and comfortable.


  Hitch-hiking- is very special type of travelling. Mostly it is used by young people, they are not afraid of a risk.

  There are many means of transport to choose from. Young people like hitchhiking or just hiking (very cheap, could be fast or slow, dangerous). Some people prefer going by car, by plane (for a long way, comfortable, expensive, very fast), by train (fast, cheap, more comfortable, sleeping and dining cars, toilettes, for long distance), by bus (quite fast, cheap, don't go on time, dirty, uncomfortable - lack of place, usually no toilet, no privacy), on a motorcycle or riding a motorbike, a bike (cheap, healthy, good for environment, you can get everywhere, stop where you want, slow, problems with luggage), on foot (the cheapest kind of travelling, healthy, keeps you fit, improves your condition, slow) or even a horse. In London we can travel by a double-decker. Some people love more romantic means of transport, e.g. going on a yacht, canoeing, gliding, hot-air ballooning, windsurfing. Young people like skateboarding or roller-skating (but it will be better when will be build up special parks for them).


  When we are going abroad we must have necessary documents- at first passport, sometimes we must have a visa and other things- money, we must change money.

  When we are going by train, bus and plane. We must buy tickets.

  We have to have information about accomodation, transportation and so on.

  We can live in a hotel, a hostel, a cottage, a appartement.

  Many foreign tourists travel to our country, mainly because of

   • beautiful nature in the mountains, by the lakes and rivers, they can practise mountaineering or stay at camps

   • cultural and historic monuments, above all gothic, renaissance and baroque castles and churches. Most of all they are attracted by Prague.


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