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Maturitní témata z Angličtiny

English Language in The World

English Language in The World. Studying Foreign Languages, Indo-European languages: Indo-iranian, Italic, Germanic, Slavonic, Celtic, Baltic

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Geography, Early History, Kings of Britain, British Government, Parliament, The British Flag and Anthem, English Food, Industry, National economy


First mention the general facts about London, Enumerate and depict places of interest in London, What are the typical or main means of London transport?, Important and well-known personalities coming from London


The United States of America: Geography, Demographics, History, The economy, American political system, The American flag and anthem, The capital of the USA and New York, Some Americans Writers

English speaking countries

Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Czech Republic

Population, Economy and industry, Czech government, The Czech flag and anthem


Česká Lípa

Education in Our Country

American Literature

Modern English Literature

William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet

Spare Time and Hobbies

Collecting hobbies, Art hobbies, Sports, games, Family hobbies


My flat; My dream house; Name the furniture, equipment and utensils in each room of an ordinary apartment; What are the housing problems in the Czech Republic?


Shops and shopping

Clothes and fashion

Wear, Materials, Accessories

Food and meals

Food and meals, Czech and Other Nations´ Cuisine; Describe the eating habits in your family

National holidays

National holidays, christmas and easter; Great Britain; United States

Sport and games


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