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English Language in The World. Studying Foreign Languages.

English is today one of the major languages in the world.

English has become a world language because its establishment as a mother tongue outside England, in the all continents of the world.

This exporting of English began in the 17th century, with the first settlements (osadníci) in North America. Above all (nade vše), it is the great growth of population in the United States, assisted (podporováno) by massive immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries.

English is very flexible language.

Without inflections (skloňování), the same word can operate as many different parts of speech. Many nouns and verbs have the same form, for example swim, drink, walk, kiss, look and smile. We can talk about water to drink and to water the flowers; time (doba) to do and time to (změřit) race; a paper to read and to paper (tapetovat) a bedroom. Adjectives can be used as verbs: We warm (zahřát) our hands in front of fire. Prepositions (předložky) are flexible too:

A sixty-years old man is nearing retirement.

English vocabulary is open. This involves (zahrnuje) the free admissions (přístup) and the easy creation (tvorbu) of compounds (složenin) and derivatives.

English speaking countries: Mother tongue USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Cook Islands; Second language: South Africa, South America, New Zealand, and many others states. In many states people speak English in the world, such as Holland, Sweden etc.

1. Where can you find English words in our country?

I can find English words in our country in these lines: banking, management, marketing, computer, politics, economy, information, technology, music, sport, information technology, business, aviation (letectví)

2. Where did you learn English?

I started learning English in my 16 years old at Secondary Private School of businessman in Česká Lípa. I thing we have very good English teacher, he taught me for 4 years.

3. Why did you learning English?

When I started study Secondary school so I have to learn English and Germany. When I was in the Nursery school so I had to learn only Germany, because this school didn't have a English teacher. English is world language and today I am like, that I learn it. English is learned in lots of others states. With English, I can take job in aboard. And I know many English songs and singers. I like English and I like studying it. I think it is easier than Germany one, because it has no difficult cases and endings. I hope I will be study English next time.

4. Which language in the world does most people speak?

Most people speak Mandarine Chinese because Chinese people are the most in the world. In the world are about 700 million Chinese-speaking people; it is 70% of the population of China. English is in the 2nd place, with 400 million speakers.

5. Which language has the largest vocabulary?

English language has the largest vocabulary, with approximately 500.000 words and 300.000 technical terms. Every year's English vocabulary grows up.

6. Which is the oldest written language?

The oldest written language is Egyptian, which is 5000 years old.

7. Which sub-continent has the largest number of languages?

India has the most languages, with 845.

8. Which language has no irregular verbs?

There are no irregular verbs in Esperanto, an artificial language invented in 1887.

9. Which language has the most letters in its alphabet?

The most letters is in the Cambodian alphabet written, it has 72 letters.

10. In which language is the largest encyclopaedia printed?

The largest encyclopaedia is printed in Spanish language.


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